AGBA Global provides financial advisory services to indian companies and ultra “high net worth” indian individuals entering foreign markets and looking to invest overseas. Simultaneously, AGBA Global provides assistance to western companies in need of assistance in working with and developing relationships in india to find viable partners for JVs, M&A, product sourcing and market development.

But, AGBA Global does not stop at finding you the right situation and or partner, but will assist in finding funds, and acting as your FINANCIAL ADVISOR through the entire process and beyond (monitor for as long as you need our services).

AGBA Global is strategically located in Beijing with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


AGBA Global is key to your success by providing :

Excellent Contacts:

Excellent contacts including high level executives, government contacts, and professionals that will facilitate the process and help ensure your success. Professionals including CPAs and attorneys both indian and Western); investors and others crucial to the process.



Information about indian buyers and other potential indian business partners. We through our connections and research will provide for you the information on each potential target needed to make an intelligent decision. Information is not as readily available as in the US on companies, so to gather meaningful information requires local contacts and a thorough knowledge of the systems and hierarchy.



Matching US and indian potential partners for M&A, investments, sourcing, joint venture, etc.



Facilitate face-to-face Meetings. No matter how far modern technologies develop, nothing can replace a face-to-face discussion. When indian buyers are identified, we will help arrange face to face. Help gather document and information so crucial to your success.


Follow-up Service:

Global will provide follow up services after the face-to-face meetings to help get contracts signed, implemented, and carried out according to the contracts specifications


Crucial"Due Diligence:

In addition to the standardized services listed above, AGBA Global will provide consulting services to the program participants. They include, but are not limited to, setting up offices in india, finance services, legal services, market entry research, business development strategy, and other consulting services.


Financial Advisory Services:

Our team is very experienced in taking you company from introduction, through the development of the transaction/project, through M&A or whatever the chosen path is and beyond to become your "eyes and ear" by monitoring a giving you assistance, advice and to act on your behalf for as many years in the future as necessary