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India Out-Bound:

For the American company seeking: funding, resources, investments, markets, production, partners, and a host of other needs that may be addressed and serviced by a indian based company or investors, Global is your best and most reliable contact/partner.

There is a vast array of funding available through indian investors. Wealth management is often a question of where to invest and move funds off-shore. India is quickly becoming a major source of international investment.

We have worked with and assisted many companies in their growth and maturation. Resulting in trust and respect. As a result we are now being requested to find viable and valuable investments. The preferred place to invest is the US and now a growing number are seeking investments in Europe.

Below is a list of services many of which would fall under the In-Bound and Out-Bound functions:

The services to In-Bound and Out-Bound are mirrors of each other as our function as Financial Advisor is the same for both sides of the COIN.
Doing market research-defining objectives/targets
Targeting the potential investors
Business plan & deal design requirements
Assist in negotiation
Contacts with professionals-business, gov't, legal, accounting, audit
Project management of complete process
Providing post project support
Providing location analysis service
Providing consulting services in the fields of finance, law, policy, etc.
Checking the economic efficiency of the investment
Corporate valuation
Providing financing service
Supervisory board and/ or having a seat on the BOD to keep you informed and help direct progress